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(est.) Acres in Amazon (Brazil) 1,066,244,000
(est.) Acres Lost in Amazon 58,500,000
Acres Available for Sponsorship 465,000
Acres Sponsored via Amazon Fund 12
The Amazon Fund is creating its own Carbon Calculator but until then here are some of the better ones that we have come across:
The National Energy Foundation in the UK has a good intro to carbon use which includes an easy to use carbon calculator.

A US based Environmental Advocacy group has created a “Clearwater Carbon Calculator” downloadable Microsoft Excel worksheet to calculate individual carbon production resulting from transportation, home heating and other sources.
The Amazon Fund will customize and update carbon cycle models already available to reflect some more recent measurements and to specifically cover the Amazon. Until that is done, here are some of the better ones that we have come across.

This UCLA link has a good overview of the carbon cycle.

An individual has published a good intro to the carbon cycle.
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