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(est.) Acres in Amazon (Brazil) 1,066,244,000
(est.) Acres Lost in Amazon 58,500,000
Acres Available for Sponsorship 465,000
Acres Sponsored via Amazon Fund 12

Amazon Fund was established to preserve millions of acres of the Amazon as quickly as possible.

The Amazon rainforest has been reduced by over 50 million acres over the last 20 years. Global warming is not just a factor of carbon emissions but also the reduction of the earth’s capacity to take emitted carbon out of the atmosphere. The Amazon is a massive carbon extractor from the atmosphere with each acre estimated to be able to extract 1,600 pounds of carbon annually. While there are many local financial incentives for the destruction of the rainforest, such as for cattle grazing or the growing of soybeans, there is little incentive for preservation of the rainforest. Amazon Fund has been established to provide incentives for the preservation through conservation sponsorships that any individual or organization can use to make a difference. Amazon Fund has established a strategic alliance with Amazonia Association (www.amazonia.org) which has a 15 year old established eco-preserve of 450,000 acres. The preserve is a cooperative where the local natives are co-owners and work to preserve the acreage in exchange for preservation of their local culture and education, economic and health benefits for their families. Amazon Fund enabled the expansion of the eco-preserve to 465,000 acres in July 2005.

The purchase price of Amazon land is only a fraction of the cost. Once acquired, land must be protected against poachers and fire. Natives already on the land are the best people to do this. Amazonia Association has a proven model to make this happen.

Amazon Fund, in cooperation with Amazonia Association, will preserve one acre of rainforest land for a minimum of 20 years for a sponsorship contribution of $50. Each conservation sponsorship will be registered on the Amazon Fund website.

CARBON REDUCTION : Carbon reduction of hundreds of thousands of tons annually to slow global warming
FRESH WATER : Fresh water (over 20% of the fresh water on Earth flows through the Amazon) and breathable air (over 20% of the oxygen generated on earth)
NATIVE CULTURES : Unspoiled native cultures able to teach us more about living with Nature
ENDANGERED HABITATS : Home to many unique plants and animals, including the giant otter
MEDICAL CURES : Possible new medical cures derived from one of the most dense biomasses on earth
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